Other Side of the Box

Other Side of the Box ★★★½

Saturday Night Shorts: Film 6

An old friend returns out of the blue to give Ben and Rachel a gift. A seemingly empty box with no bottom. Inside is something that wants to get out. Something that could very well have sinister intentions.

Directed by Caleb J. Phillips and running at a little over fifteen minutes, The Other Side of the Box is one of the best short films that I've seen thus far on the ALTER YouTube channel. A sense of dread is built up constantly though the majority of the film as the strange "thing" looms over the young couple. What is it? What does it want? Why was is passed on to them? Those questions may or may not get answered by the excellent conclusion but it's definitely worth the fifteen minutes to find out.

Other Side of the Box is an awesome little horror short that doesn't try to do too much and succeeds at delivering a sense of impending doom. It's proof of how you don't always need much of a budget to hit a home run. Good stuff. If you'd like to check it out for yourself here's a link to the film on YouTube. Enjoy! Other Side of the Box

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