The Last Blockbuster

The Last Blockbuster ★★★★

Watching the documentary ‘The Last Blockbuster’ on Netflix feels a little bit wrong. What’s even more wrong is I responded more to this than I did with Dick Johnson is Dead. I guess I’m heartless, but that’s how I am with documentaries, they’re more interesting to me if I have a personal experience with the subject, though I never did work at one.
I like that it’s not all glowing praise for the BB brand, they surprisingly call out BB for stamping out mom and pop video stores, and don’t shy away from pointing out the flaws that led to the downfall.

Hard to believe I actually at one point had a subscription to both Netflix and BB DVD by mail service simultaneously. From what I remember, Netflix was far superior in selection and availability (which seems to be opposite what they mention in the doc), so I didn’t keep the BB service for long. I also remember a short lived membership service of renting 30 dvds for 30 dollars in 30 days. I recall thinking at the time I don’t want to watch 30 movies in 30 days (my LB diary shows that’s clearly not true today), but what I really didn’t want was to make 30 consecutive trips to the video store in a month.

There were some B&M video stores close to where I am as recent as last year, Family Video, but even those are all closed now. With the way that Sandi runs her business (buying DVDs from Walmart to rent out?), it’s hard to see it not going under within the next few years. And if she decides to step back, it would be game over as I can’t see someone else having the dedication that she does, sad to say that but hope I’m wrong.
At this point it is not even really Blockbuster any longer anyway, it is back to being Pacific video with the way its operated, or whatever someone would want to call it.
And if it were me running the store, I would dump the pointless Crowe memorabilia
“Russell Crowe seems a little thin to me” Obviously they didn’t see Unhinged.

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