Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★★★

This one has half the brain as Godzilla part one in the monsterverse but that’s probably why I liked it better, so much more fun. I don’t expect a ton of intellectual stimulation in the upcoming showdown, just give me some good monster fights. 

I’m starting to lean a little towards wanting to see Kong win, if there’s actually going to be a winner. I like an underdog and I think that’s what he is. I mean here he’s just trying to defend his home turf and now they’re dragging him out for sideshow material. Might have a better shot if he was in his prime too. 
The human characters are much better in this movie, considering you got Goodman, Jackson, and Reilly. The star power and charisma factor is miles ahead of what round 1 offered. On that same note, the human characters in the Godzilla vs Kong trailer look very subpar. 

That’s not even mentioning Brie Larson, reason enough to watch any movie, who is able to take part in the action here as opposed to just sit home and wait for phone calls or a news report on what’s happening, like Elizabeth Olson was left to do. Any chance we can call up Brie and have her return in a last minute Snyder style recut of G vs K? just asking.

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