Intrusion ½

Now holds the prize for worst movie I’ve seen since joining Letterboxd and it isn’t close. I see some people I follow either in film school or with plans for starting. I know all of you can do better than this. I look forward to the day I can watch your films instead of this type of junk Netflix is churning out. I don’t know how Logan Marshall-Green can go from ‘Upgrade’ to starring here in just a couple of years. I honestly didn’t even know it was him until I looked after the fact, that’s how big a quality difference there is between both films.

There are some movies I consider ‘phone-worthy’. Meaning I don’t really expect much and won’t be sorry if I don’t get to see it at home in the best quality. So I’ll download them on the phone and watch at lunch or while waiting in the car, etc. I’ve seen some really good movies for the first time on my phone I wasn’t sure would be that great. And then comes along something like Intrusion, and I realize there exists a tier even below ‘phone-worthy’.

The most illogical, unimaginative and just flat out tedious thing I’ve watched in I can’t remember how long.
I tried to hold up my end of the deal Rob, sorry, but I may be out of that deal after this one. 🤕

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