Moonlight ★★★★★

This time around I noticed how as the film progresses, Chiron (and eventually Black) moves further into moonlight. Little spends the majority of the time in the daylight, Chiron gets about an even amount of sunlight and moonlight (with the best things that happen to him taking place under the moonlight), and Black gets to bask in all the Moonlight.

Now for my ethnographic study of the audience:

There was a girl in a row in front of me that was on her phone like half the time she was there (she left like halfway through the film).

The girl next to me (!!!!) fell asleep for like 20min. (between Chiron getting beat up and the diner scene)

The crowd burst into LOLs during several parts (the table scene where Little asks "what's a faggot" and Teresa gives that little "no" gesture to Juan)

People were clapping, whooping and hollering as Chiron broke the chair on Terrel.

I know, understand, and respect the fact that not everyone will have the same experience with the film as I did. Some people will take away different things from the film than I have. But I just can't stop wrestling with the idea that this film deserved more respect than it seemed to get. Maybe it's that the audience was uncomfortable and the laughter was their only coping mechanism. Or perhaps it was an audience that is simply not accustomed to appreciating films for their artistic value and consume this form of media merely for the entertainment value.

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