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  • Night of the Seagulls
  • Spider Baby
  • Stacy: Attack of the Schoolgirl Zombies
  • Hell's Ground

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  • The Beast and the Magic Sword


  • Truck Turner


  • Satan's Sadists


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  • Sound of Violence

    Sound of Violence


    I don't know the last time I've been hit so close to home by a movie.

    Quick personal story- I lost a significant amount of my hearing when I was a kid, the doctor didn't know the cause but something neural, and then it came back to an extent though I still had loss in certain ranges. Flash forward to my mid-20s and I lost basically all of the hearing in one ear and a majority of speech recognition in…

  • Host



    Color me impressed. This sounded stupid, but turned out to be a very well done tech-centric horror wrought with atmosphere despite literally being a Zoom call under the free meeting time-constraints. Quick runtime (remember QuickTime?), convincing likable characters, and not as focused on the gimmick as I assumed it'd be.

    Chances are this will go down as legitimate mid-corona isolation horror here in a few years when we're all dead and cockroaches are ruling the earth. The death throes of civilization looking for something other than reality to fear. Happy trails.

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  • The Attic Expeditions

    The Attic Expeditions


    This is weird and nonsensical, and it makes sense that the same director went on to direct the equally weird and nonsensical Wizard of Gore remake. But I've always lowkey been in love with Seth Green so what can I say. Combine that with the jumbled hodgepodge witchcraft, and the corny early 00's industrial soundtrack, and it releases enough serotonin for me.

  • Tomie: Unlimited

    Tomie: Unlimited


    Look I love Noboru Iguchi and his zany aesthetic, sense of humor, etc so maybe this is biased. But after watching all of the Tomie movies and having read the manga, he is probably more in tune with Junji Ito's over-the-top imagery here than most other directors in the series. No, it's not the best film in the series strictly speaking, the effects are goofy and cheap as he's known for, but it so perfectly fits as a late-stage Tomie…

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