The Truman Show

The Truman Show ★★★★★

You know, I love this movie but my god...amidst its overly saccharine aesthetic lies something truly fucked up here. Like sort of forget the easy parallels to one's life being a reality show, like the horror of that goes without saying, but like finding yourself the only real thing in a world completely made of artifice, designed to keep you in one place without letting yourself spread your wings? My word, what a hell Truman Burbank goes through. There is a beauty in the idea of being able to fine-tune the special moments in one's life and having the world be at your beckon call, but for someone to assume they know better than you know yourself and then play God with you? That's a special kind of torture that confuses one in such an awfully deep existential manner that you find yourself Stockholmed in your own misery. Christof is an evil man but in so far as he smothers, and though he feels that his greatest crime is being overprotective, the greater one is granting a wish for Truman he did not have the chance to ask for. The ending, without spoiling it, shows that there is a way out through the worst of it all, that life blesses as much as it bruises. The only way out of all the troubles that get thrown your way, when the world seems the most against you, is as Robert Frost said, going through it all.

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