The Little Things

The Little Things ★★½

And the award for the dullest serial killer movie (maybe ever) is.....drumroll please.....

Talk about a waste of wonderful talent. A crime drama with Washington, Malek, and Leto should be a home fun right? This is a PERFECT example of how important STORY is in films. If you can't build the plot to a satisfying crescendo, what are you left with? I'll answer that...a forgettable movie.

And the performances are decent. Leto is downright hilarious at bringing Sharpo to life, but the "chill down your spine" effect is nonexistent (think Spacey in Se7en). He's pretty much a snarky, defiant character..and ahole.

Rami Malek...oh boy. The acting here is decent and the character is pretty fleshed out in the first act as a young, but hard working/highly receptive detective. But by the last act he seems naïve and almost clueless. And boy is the last act dumb.

Danzel is the only saving grace here with a deeply layered/broken character. He sells it with his expressions. He couldn't pull off a bad performance if he tried honestly.