Tenet ★★★★

First impressions on Tenet. This will have to process. It doesn't have the heart of Inception, but Nolan is so far ahead of everyone that he's going in reverse. Damn what a movie.

If you're looking for spectacle and innovation, there's plenty of it in Tenet. The action is not only jawdropping, but challenging to the mind. Like you're deciphering the fight as it's happening.

One thing that Nolan puts first and foremost is story, and he builds the action around it. It's part of the story. And this is easily his most complex, and will require multiple watches to fully grasp and appreciate. I'm not saying you won't understand the puzzle. You might by the end...but the full picture might be a bit muddy. It's a LOT to digest.

Because we think in linear patterns, I constantly found myself deciphering what was happening on screen. The idea of inverse tech is one that isn't explored that often, if ever. And it's challenging.

Honestly, I think we'll be marveling over Tenet for years to come.

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