Aquaman ★★★★

A bit of caution before getting into this. I am a massive MAN OF STEEL and BATMAN V SUPERMAN (Ultimate Cut) supporter. I will defend these 2 movies to my dying breathe. Both are 5/5 in my book and criminally underrated.

Aquaman comes pretty damn close to both, and boy is that refreshing for someone who was a DC believer in the beginning. There are some issues with the costume design (mainly some of the villains) and the jokes don't always land, but Aquaman is the definition of world building and epicness.

I will admit, in the middle of this thing, I almost lost hope...BUT...there is a point in Aquaman when things changed for me. The "Kingdom of the Trench" segment screams of James Wan's horror brilliance and that segment put a HUGE smile on my face. From this point on, the movie maintains its momentum and only get bigger.

And in true DC fashion, the final act is gargantuan...yeah that's a good word for it. The character of Aquaman has NEVER been portrayed more badass than at the end of this film, and the character finally takes his place as KING of Atlantis and ruler of the ocean.

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