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  • Ready for Anything

    Ready for Anything


    Once I saw Eleonora Giorgi's haunted eyes during the middle segment of Argento's Inferno I knew I wanted to see more of her, and while this isn't what I meant at all I sure hit the jackpot. Disposta a Tutto begins as seemingly another horribly outdated treatise on sexual politics with a hint of 1975's smash success Story Of O still lingering in the page margins, but gradually offers a more intelligent and challenging dissection of them. Can there be…

  • Shelter Island

    Shelter Island


    A couple hot topic Eighties ladies team up with a lesser Baldwin in 2003 to forge this pseudo provocative thriller. Maintains interest and offers a surprise or two but never finds that spark to set things afire. The body doubles look great though, unfortunately a lesser Baldwin needs to eat more than Slim Jims and lets his own ass claim a scale bump. There's no end of amusement from the worst and weirdest comb-forward he's got going, apparently someone involved couldn't resist a jab at it either by inserting a Bosley's hair club advertisement on the car radio when he's driving.

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  • Demonlover



    As if Michael Haneke was torture-porned into reimagining Videodrome using a camera with zoom stuck on "full".

  • True Heart

    True Heart


    Kirsten Dunst crashlands in the Canadian wild with the oldest kid from Home Improvement. After taking a whole 15 seconds getting over the deaths of their pilot and guardian, they follow the whims of a weirdo native named Koronesta (or something - I swear they pronounce it 5 different ways) who seems to have been living in the boonies by himself for too long. He speaks fractured English like an Indian on F-Troop, refers to a local Kodiak bear as…