Technically brilliant and influential there are so many amazing and cool shots in this film that are totally unique and others that have inspired many modern films. I don’t even fully know what I think of this film since I’m not exactly sure of everything that happened. It’s definitely interesting and definitely quite weird and surreal. It’s very dreamlike in many places and then quite normal in others. It’s also pretty meta in a lot of spots but I think slot of those thing were what I enjoyed about it. It’s a really interesting piece on writer’s block sort of as well as the filmmaking process. I was sadly continuously distracted throughout the film which I think negatively effected my experience though.  I think it’s something I could enjoy a lot more though once I’m more used to this style as well as fully engaged the whole time and not just part. The final 30 minutes really started to make me look at the film in a more positive light again but I was back to being fully invested by that point. Still overall pretty disappointed and not the biggest fan, maybe I’m missing something hopefully I’ll like it more next time. But for it’s just going to be something that else that I’ll definitely be thinking about for a while.

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