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  • Fanny and Alexander

    Fanny and Alexander


    This is such a warm and comforting visual experience especially in the beginning, it intimately helps tell this story that is also very personal as it examines the dynamics of family. In many ways it feels similar to being a child because it details so many things that most children do. This is also partially because the film is trying to portray itself from the lens of a child at least part of the time. It also bounces around though…

  • Solaris



    My 1000th logged film and a very fitting one as well because I loved it. 

    “Shame-the feeling that will save mankind”

    Tarkovsky’s Sci-fi answer to Kubrick’s 2001, which he called cold and sterile. The two films while having some similarities-are definitely different in many ways as well, both revolve around space exploration to an extent and feature stunning visuals as well as ambiguous parts. The compositions and shots that are found in Solaris are some of the most brilliant I’ve…

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  • Oldboy



    Oldboy is a brutal mystery revenge thriller that is weaved with masterful excellence. I love the way that the film is sequenced in a less straight forward way and that helps keep the pacing tight. The editing which is great also really helps with keeping the film interesting and tight. It’s also a film that has some extremely emotional moments and some powerful revelations. I think I enjoyed it a bit less upon a rewatch but it’s still excellent, I just didn’t get as much out of some of the twists and turns the films takes.

  • Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance

    Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance


    Smooth enchanting direction pulled me in right from the start of this film. It’s a bit more quiet and subdued than I was expecting but I actually enjoy the change. There are a lot of great scenes and some beautiful shots. It does feel too slow at times though and I never really got fully wrapped into the story. The last act gets a bit more fun and brutal but I felt like story as a whole didn’t connect well…

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  • Soul



    Soul is a mesmerizing experience about living and loving. It tells a heartwarming story that is full of the beauty of life as well as the search for purpose. This is a beautiful film to look at with its stunning and creative visuals. I also really loved the score and all of the jazz that’s was incorporated throughout the film really helped immerse me in the world. I was maybe a little surprised at how much I connected with this…

  • Swallow



    An interesting color palette and visuals are possibly the strong point of the film. Right from the beginning you get this sense that something is off and it feels very eerie. Once the actual plot starts I found myself cringing a lot whenever she would eat things. It’s pretty weird and a little disturbing. I’m not exactly where the film thought it was going by the end but I was still intrigued although the actual end feels pretty static and…