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  • Pulse



    Tense, moody, sad and at times legitimately terrifying. I feel this belongs with Perfect Blue, Suicide Club and Serial Experiments Lain as Japanese horror works that accurately predicted and commented on the modern internet era well before it actually came to exist better than a lot of modern Western media.

  • Censor



    Highly unnerving, smart and deeply sad, Censor is a dreamy cocktail of retro horror, quasi surrealism and even small hint of giallo that brings to mind the work of Lucio Fulci, Dario Argento, Peter Strickland and even a bit of Satoshi Kon while still being very much it's own unique beast. Niamh Algar brings an incredibly nuanced performance that makes her a name to watch out for while Prano Bailey-Bond has the potential to be a unique new voice in modern indie horror.

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