• Dawn of the Dead

    Dawn of the Dead


    Halloween Night with @faded_wallflower! Sometimes these re-releases are horrible (Fathom I'm looking at you!) but this looked great and sounded great. It was a special treat to hear that Goblin soundtrack blasting through the theater speakers. And the 3D effects (which are usually a disappointment) were outstanding. Honestly, the best I've ever seen. No lie- even I jumped a few times.

    As for the movie itself- I always end up wishing it was about 90 minutes but we would lose…

  • Halloween Ends

    Halloween Ends


    Dr. Mo’s HALLOWEEN watch list- Fall 2022

    Guess I gotta be the weirdo that kind of liked it. WOW, it took some guts to make a direct homage to both Halloween 6 AND F13 Part 5!

    It's not bad- technically and acting wise it's better than "Kills." But there were definitely some different and unexpected choices here.

    A little bit of Corey Cunningham (F13 reference!) does go a long way. But I dug his Tommy Jarvis-like storyline for the most…

  • The Mummy

    The Mummy


    Dr. Mo’s HALLOWEEN watch list- Fall 2022

    Gotta get some of the classics in- 90th anniversary for this one (1932)! I've really warmed up to it over the years. Very similiar to the previous year's Dracula, maybe because Karl Freund "directed" both? I daresay it improves on Dracula- as the camera moves around a bit more and the dialogue is punched up. Plus that horrifying "flashback" to Ancient Egypt where Boris is mummified alive. This has really shot up the list of my Universal horror favorites. Although I think the Hammer version is still the best.

  • The Haunted Palace

    The Haunted Palace


    Dr. Mo’s HALLOWEEN watch list- Fall 2022

    Vincent Price AND Lon Chaney Jr. in a Lovecraft adaptation smack dab in the middle of the Corman Poe cycle? Yes, please!

    Price is haunted by the spirit of his long dead great-great grandfather warlock who was burned at the stake.

    And he gets all hammy and evil like only he can!

    Loved the lavish sets and the music (the title theme reminded me of Toto's Dune).

    Plus there's a solid cast of…

  • Raven's Hollow

    Raven's Hollow


    Dr. Mo’s HALLOWEEN watch list- Fall 2022

    Thought I'd give this a chance tonight being the 173rd anniversary of Poe's demise (10/7/1849).

    It looked promising with an interesting "folk horror" angle, but ultimately proved to be just another exceedingly bland modern horror flick.

    It's like whoever produced it knew Poe wrote "The Raven" but never bothered to read of any of his stories.

    Complete with giant CGI Raven using some cut and paste leftover effects for the dragons from "Game…

  • Fugitive Alien

    Fugitive Alien


    A random MST3K to decompress after a stressful work day. Right from the sweet spot of the show for me- Season 3 with Joel, Trace, Kevin, and Frank.

    And this is one of those Japanese sci-fi movies that is really episodes from a series randomly packaged together. By the infamous Sandy Frank no less.

    In other words, it's excellent material for riffing. And I loved all of the sci-fi nerd talk throughout.

    I can never quite decipher the "plot" here…

  • Jurassic World Dominion

    Jurassic World Dominion


    Saw this for my birthday today!! Hey, it's a big dumb popcorn flick with dinosaurs in it. And an okay way to get out of the house and kill two hours. Otherwise this is super blah and mediocre. I'm being very generous here with the rating. There's a cool moment right out of "Valley of Gwangi" when Chris Pratt lassoes a dino. And call me crazy but a nice nod to "Q- The Winged Serpent" as well (?). But otherwise…

  • Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

    Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness


    First opening night in a while! This needed more Raimi and less of everything else.

    I didn't fall for the hype (Tom Cruise as Iron Man! Deadpool!) so it met my low expectations. Probably being overly generous because it was a fun night with good company. If I see this again and think about it a bit more, I'll almost certainly downgrade it.

    The plot was super comic book-y but so convoluted even I lost track of it. Why can't…

  • The Batman

    The Batman


    Surprised how much I liked this! Looked great, sounded great, chock full of great performances. Really wasn't too worried about Pattison because he's been pretty solid in his post-Twilight work. There's an obvious respect for the original comic lore that's refreshing- Long Halloween, Year 2, amongst others. The only flaw I could see was much like "Dark Knight" it ended and then kept going. Also Batman is the "world's greatest detective" but he doesn't actually solve anything- Riddler does? Very tempted to see again in the theater.

  • Santo in the Treasure of Dracula

    Santo in the Treasure of Dracula


    "You got your Spirit Halloween store in my Ed Wood movie!"

    The kickoff for MST3K Season 13 on the Gizmoplex! The movie itself is a Santo Lucha flick mixed with a Hammer horror film. Time travel, vampires, and wrestling- so basically this was made for me. It's also the best looking print of a "Santo" movie I've ever seen.

    As an MST3K episode- it was okay. I did enjoy the Jonah as "Mean Gene" skit. The guys seemed a bit…

  • Tommy



    This is VERY 70's and very Ken Russell. Like a series of increasingly insane music videos. It's super indulgent and over the top. In a memorable and mesmerizing way. How many other films feature Ann-Margaret writhing in baked beans and chocolate? Or a bloated Oliver Reed trying to sing?

    I actually saw the stage musical tonight at the local college too- which was super fun and enjoyable!

    P.S. I vaguely remember seeing the Church of Marilyn scene as a kid and it freaking me out.

  • I Don't Buy Kisses Anymore

    I Don't Buy Kisses Anymore


    George Costanza- The Movie! But nowhere near as funny as it should be. I guess this was made around the same time "Seinfeld" became popular? As there are numerous callbacks and homages. George even wears his toupee (seriously!) throughout. I enjoy sci-fi/fantasy but do they really expect us to believe that Nia Pepples (!) would beg Jason Alexander to marry her- come on now!