• Halloween Kills

    Halloween Kills


    Thumbs in the middle for me. Chock full of brutal kills and fan service, but in the end it doesn't add up to anything too spectacular. Like so many modern remakes/sequels it just kind of exists but I don't have any urge to rewatch it any time soon. That said, I thought crispy fried masked Michael looked great. I dug Anthony Michael Hall's jacked baseball bat swinging Tommy Doyle. And extra points for the Anne Murray song (!). Overall though, it feels like a slightly above average fan film.

  • Frankenstein



    Also saw this one in the theater today as a double with Dracula! Both turn 90 years old this year. Another stone cold horror classic- Frankenstein was so ahead of its time.

    Much more dynamic than Drac, with the camera moving around and the electrical effects. Not to mention the burning windmill at the end. There's no proper score to this film either but it's much less noticable.

    I was surprised watching this time how much Karloff isn't in it.…

  • Dracula



    Saw this in the theater today for the 90th anniversary! First time seeing it on the big screen. Surprised I've never done a review for this one.

    This was the original version without the Phillip Glass score (often used on TV)- which makes it extra creepy with all of the dead air.

    Of course BELA is Dracula and the fact that he delivers all of his lines phonetically adds another layer of otherworldliness to it.

    There's just so many haunting…

  • Candyman



    My 2021 Hooptober List

    Getting a late start on my Hooptober! This is a twist on the old "Bloody Mary" game with a bit of Freddy Krueger.

    It has some great performances- Tony Todd's title character has become iconic (there's even a MEGO figure now). Frumpy, chainsmoking Virginia Madsen is game for anything. And super sleazy cheating husband Xander Berkeley should also get some props.

    It barely makes sense (is he supernatural? a figment of her homicidal imagination? why do…

  • Star Trek: Insurrection

    Star Trek: Insurrection


    Call me crazy, but I like this one! It seems to get some hate but I find it's an enjoyable little "Star Track" film. Its inherent goofiness does hurt it a bit ("Smooth as an android's bottom, hey Data?") and some of the early CGI is a bit wonky- but otherwise the story is classic Trek to me. Plus I watched it on VHS soon after moving into a new house so it holds some good memories for me too.

  • Bunnicula, the Vampire Rabbit

    Bunnicula, the Vampire Rabbit


    Kicking off the spooky season early with...Bunnicula? Sure why not?! Classic early 80's animation in the style of Scooby-Doo that's full of nostalgic charm. With kid-friendly Halloween atmosphere to spare. I had feel good "fuzzies" the whole time. The version I watched even had the classic commercials. It's not entirely faithful to the novel but I'm willing to give it a pass. Good way to start Fall 2021!!!

  • The Beast Must Die

    The Beast Must Die


    Glad to have Sven back on the air in Baltimore! This is the second time he's shown this one in 2021 but it's a pretty cool flick so I didn't mind. Bascially a "modern" werewolf movie from Amicus with a William Castle type gimmick. Black millionaire and game hunter Calvin Lockhart (who is awesome in this role) believes one of his party guests is an honest to goodness lycanthrope. It also has a great ensemble cast (Peter Cushing, Charles Gray, Anton Diffring, Michael Gambon). One of the better late cycle 70's British horror films. High recommend to check it out!!

  • The Incredible Hulk Returns

    The Incredible Hulk Returns


    Live Action Marvel Team-Up!! Or what passed for one in a 1988 TV movie. It's enjoyable fun in an over the top 80's sort of way.

    Eric Kramer actually has a likable charisma as Thor. "Hey Banner, where's your troll!" Although his Viking garb looks ridiculous in the broad daylight of southern California.

    Odin help me- but I also liked the character development scenes with Donald Blake and Thor. Guess they were trying to do an odd couple type schtick.…

  • The Breakfast Club

    The Breakfast Club


    Okay, so Judd Nelson gets Molly Ringwald. Emilio Estevez gets Ally Sheedy. And the "brain" gets to write the detention essay. What the heck, John Hughes? I mean it's probably true to life- but come on, man.

  • Bell, Book and Candle

    Bell, Book and Candle


    Caught part of this on TCM the other night and it looked fun so I rented it from the library.

    A gorgeous Kim Novak is a practicing witch in 1950's NYC who uses her power to steal Jimmy Stewart away from a former college rival.

    The movie itself looks fantastic (old school Technicolor) and I really dug the hip atmosphere of the time.

    It does play it a bit too straight when they could've leaned more into being a full-on…

  • Lethal Weapon

    Lethal Weapon


    RIP Richard Donner. A super embarrassing first time watch for me. I was expecting a fun buddy cop action flick- but it's also super dark and bleak at times.

    And it has that crazy 80's (drug fueled?) energy to it- that third act especially. Plus the engaging chemistry of the two leads make it a must watch.

    Very deserving of its status as one of the best action films of the decade.

    Not sure why it took me this long…

  • Vibes



    Wow, this was kind of a blind buy based on a recommendation from a friend at work- and it was pretty good! It was almost like an old Marx Brothers or "Road" movie with tons of vaudeville style banter and one liners. With a "Romancing the Stone" and "Indiana Jones" vibe (ahem). Plus the quirky charisma of the two leads and I don't know- it worked for me. Your mileage may vary. But overall it's an underrated 80's comedy- worth checking out if you think you've seen everything. I'll definitely pop this in again when I need a feel good, fun flick.