Jupiter Ascending

Jupiter Ascending ★★½

I really wanted to give this one a fair shake despite all the negative reviews.

I respect the Wachowskis for making a really tripped out sci-fi movie in this day and age. And I was one of the few people that liked "Cloud Atlas."

The description for Sean Bean's character is "half human and half honeybee." So, yeah. Sounds like some weird maybe fun stuff.

I definitely liked some elements here- echoes of "Dune," "Brazil" (even a Terry Gilliam cameo), and of course "The Matrix." A little bit of "Star Wars" and "Fifth Element" thrown in too. The CGI is absolutely gorgeous in some shots, and the production design looked fantastic too.

BUT ultimately the writing and characters don't hold up their end. This is a very familiar story to sci-fi fans and they don't seem to have anything new or worthwhile to contribute to it.

Not sure what Eddie Redmayne was trying to pull off as the main villain but it just wasn't working, especially the voice.

How many times did they repeat themselves by having Caine save Jupiter at the last minute? Like three or four?

Overall- I didn't hate it as much as some people, but it's no masterpiece either. Really the story is so bland and the characters so dull and lifeless, I don't even know if it will make the cut as a "cult" flick.

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