Enter the Void

Enter the Void ★★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

i dont even know how to begin to explain this.. i just feel like i have to say something to explain my 3.5 score. 
before i get started, i have to get one thing straight: for the most part, i try to rate films based on enjoyment rather than quality of movie. 
this film is actually borderline genius and i completely mean that. the intro scene had me hooked and was impeccable, the first couple minutes had me incredibly engaged. 
the concept was so interesting and the execution was amazing. then, when Oscar gets shot, the film takes a completely different shape from what i thought it'd be. i thought it'd be watching him go about life during that acid trip; turned out i'd get to see what happens after death. 
the execution of this was incredible as well. the colors, the visuals wow fuck. the background sounds. all so good. 
but then, the film completely loses form. it's still genius; it keeps going about the movie's universe as if it's being watched from the afterlife. but it's way too formless, personally. there were times where the natural volume of the film was so low that i had to turn it up all the way. but when i turned it up all the way, a scene with unexpectedly super loud volume would pop up and damage my ears. it was too formless in my opinion. 

i didnt complete this film. i had 50 or so minutes left but i couldnt finish it. i got bored, but i feel bad about having stopped it. it's genuinely good and i feel like giving it another chance someday.

also, my theory on this: the death was all just a DMT trip. the film itself said that they last 6 minutes but feel a lot longer. maybe this is Gaspar's interpretation of Oscar imagining what his death would be like if the Tibetan book of death he was reading was correct.

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