just watched a movie lol. anyone else here do that

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  • The Whale


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  • Taxi Driver

    Taxi Driver


    he’s so random i cant believe he just did that

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  • The Whale

    The Whale


    brendan fraser is fucking phenomenal, moved me to tears several times with just a few facial expressions and i’m PRAYING for that oscar for him. reading so many reviews about how this is just a show of disregard for fat people and obesity, but i really do feel that’s far from the truth. this film showed the hard, painful and ugly reality of addiction that isn’t shown in media or film. i cant help think if he had been an…

  • Babylon



    PHENOMENAL!!!!!!! i’ve been struggling to connect with anything for the past month (mental patients rise up) but OH my god this made me feel so alive and in the present and SO grateful for cinema…it was exciting, glittery, depraved, manic, funny, touching and reminded me how much i love film, how much i love damien chazelle, how much i love justin hurwitz, how enchanting margot robbie is, how hysterical tobey maguire can be and what a STAR diego calva is…

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  • SLC Punk

    SLC Punk


    you hear the new smiths album? it’s fucking terrif

  • Moxie



    this movie was a white feminist’s dream with dialogue that sounded like it came from a liberal’s feminism twitter thread. it’s watchable and probably somewhat helpful to young teens and tweens, but i feel like boring, privileged white girls need to stop being made the saviours of everyone’s human rights after interacting with one piece of feminist media... could we not have focused on Lucy who was actually interesting, complex and had important shit to say from the get go???…