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  • Before Sunrise
  • The Exterminating Angel
  • The Taking of Pelham One Two Three
  • The Big Chill

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  • M3GAN

  • Jailhouse Rock

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  • The Darjeeling Limited

    The Darjeeling Limited

    Note to self: if you ever find yourself in the midst of a rough day, remember that there are Wes Anderson movies you haven’t see yet - a delight through & through

  • Pig


    Sitting though the end credits & discovered that the chefs behind the meals were credited as well - taking a mental note to seek out Joel Palmer House and Le Pigeon some day

Popular reviews

  • Raw


    Holy moly. Somewhere there is a survey that shows the most universally hated thing is shower drain hair. Couple that with dry heaving and I think we can scientifically determine that Raw features the most cringeworthy scene of the year/decade/ever. Seriously, do people get sick when watching this? I was pretty close.

    Visceral reactions included, I totally enjoyed this. I have heard many things about Raw, but one thing that was never highlighted for me was its theme of sisterly love.

  • Paris Blues

    Paris Blues

    Continuing this Paul Newman-Joanne Woodward thing I’ve got going on this week with Mom.

    Really enjoyed this one! Considering this is the same trio of collaborators as The Long, Hot Summer (director Martin Ritt & our two stars), I love seeing how the cinematic styles & themes mature between the two films. It’s as if these talents were thrown into a cultural pressure cooker - now they’re dealing with steamy love affairs, racial justice and drug addiction. That’s the 60s baby.

    Plus I’m always a sucker for Sidney Portier and love his romantic charm in this one.