I Killed My Mother

I Killed My Mother ★★★★

There are women who should not be mothers. My mother is unfortunately one of them.

I see so much of my relationship between my mother and I in this film. It came closer to what we have than Lady Bird did. I Killed my Mother is a combination of unrestrained hate and melting sentimentality and I love how Dolan was able to capture that. Never during the duration of watching this did I think that the movie exaggerated or was too extreme.
  A bad relationship between a mother and her child is not usually a continuous succession of vicious arguments like some may think. It is a whirlwind of pettiness, bad memories, prejudice, disdain, and an incapability to forgive. The way Dolan portrays how Hubert and Chantale are two people who cannot live with each other, but also cannot live without each other is admirable. I applaud how it captures both sides of a complex relationship, especially when you take in the fact that it is loosely autobiographical.
  I Killed My Mother is honest, and tells a specific story that a broader audience can appreciate.

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