Zodiac ★★★★½

“can i help you?”


that scene, as well as many others in this film, but that scene in particular had me shitting my pants. that scene is what took this film from good to great. david fincher is such a badass and the fact that he can make eye contact between two characters feel like life or death is just a huge testament to his genius. i can’t get over what an incredible cinematic moment that was. like the ribbon that ties the whole story together, except the ribbon is on fire or something

really though, despite its lengthy runtime zodiac is of the most captivating and slow burn crime thrillers i’ve ever seen. even more terrifying is the fact that it’s all based on tragic, yet fascinating true events. it really peaks in the middle, but it also ends strong. i also like the way it bounces between perspectives, from the cops to the disgruntled journalists to the one crazed soul who still has his heart set on finding the zodiac. it’s an interesting narrative choice, a little confusing but ultimately pretty smart. honestly next to se7en, i think this may be fincher’s strongest work

also, i might be the only person who noticed this, but robert graysmith, a cartoonist, writes in all caps. i don’t know if that was intentional but if it was that’s some impressive attention to detail right there

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