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  • Luca



    I loved it. The animation is gorgeous, the characters are endearing. The premise is creative, it delves into the imagination, and has meaningful messages. While many people are saying that this movie is not up to the mark considering Pixar's previous films, I completely enjoyed the film, starting from the animations to the warm hearted-story.

  • Plan B

    Plan B


    A refreshing comedy with plenty of laughs. An interesting and unique pair of main characters who light up the screen with their chemistry and comedic timing. My immediate impression was "Booksmart" for immigrants. This movie though has so much more-unexpected unlucky events that are hilarious.

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  • The Truman Show

    The Truman Show


    A thought provoking and highly entertaining film. Makes you question your own reality and wonder what if this could happen. Who is watching me? The film strikes a perfect balance between comedy and drama. The emotional delivery from Carrey is excellent here.

  • Darkest Hour

    Darkest Hour


    This political drama is an excellent complement for Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk. Gary Oldman's Winston Churchill performance is brilliant and it has a moderate sense of humor that seasons its story.