Favorite films

  • Halloween
  • The Dark Knight
  • Miracle
  • Shaun of the Dead

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  • A Christmas Carol


  • Red Notice


  • The Exorcist


  • Alien


Recent reviews

  • Last Night in Soho

    Last Night in Soho


    Edgar Wright doesn’t miss.  Everyone is perfectly cast.  The story is engrossing. Even the weird parts fit together like a puzzle piece once you get to the end.  Edgar Wright’s classic use of music as cues for the story is so perfect and so subtle at times that it offers reason for an immediate rewatch. 

    In most cases when you say the trailer doesn’t do the movie justice, it’s seen as a negative, but in this case it’s the opposite.…

  • Friday the 13th

    Friday the 13th


    Way Gorier for a first installment then I ever expected.  Super horror tropey and it’s very funny visiting this movie years later seeing how much they stole from Halloween but completely missed the message that Halloween was portraying.  Still a fun time with great kills, and kills that made me even cringe today. Ending drags on way too long.  It’s wild what this franchise morphed into as compared to its roots.

Popular reviews

  • The Green Knight

    The Green Knight


    Where do I start.  This movie has been near the top of my watch wishlist since I saw the trailer back in 2019. I love to go into movies blind so I rarely do any research or understand the back story. So maybe to no surprise to those who had a previous knowledge of this story, I left feeling like 🤷🏻‍♂️.  I’m lost.  I understood the basics of the story and theme, but what I can’t figure out is… why.…

  • Titane




    But I like loved it for some reason?  It’s a lot to say the least, and it changes direction at least 3 times, but it’s so well made and so well acted that it draws you in. 

    Was it more than I expected? Yes.
    Was it better than I expected? Yes.
    Can I comprehend the ultimate message? No. 
    Does that matter? Also no.

    Go see this movie.  Don’t let it intimidate you.  Appreciate the art, and enjoy what it presents you.