Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★★

Don't ask me why, because I can't really tell you, but ever since I saw the trailer I was sold, and I knew I wanted to see the movie.
So every time I checked theaters to see what was playing, Kong Skull Island would always catch my eye. But it got slightly above average ratings, and it was pretty middle of the road here on LB, and people who's opinions I trusted didn't care for the film........
Yet I still had this urge to watch it.
So once I got my grubby little hands on a free AMC pass, I took the chance and saw this on the big screen.
And hey spoiler alert on my rating, I actually really liked it.
Sure some lines are pretty cringe inducing, and some characters were laughably one dimensional. (Insert run of the mill comments about Tim Hiddleson's I-can-do-anything-perfectly-protagonist here).
But I took a liking to the different approach to the monster genre.
Gone are the drab, DC, muted color palets. Gone is the monster tease we experience in Godzilla, where throughout the film we only saw Godzilla for a few seconds at a time, only for the climax of the film to show him for a whole 5 minutes. I never liked that approach, and it felt like an annoying gimmick. The titular monster in these movies is just that: it's in the title. So the least you can do is prominently feature it.

It just seemed like people complained about lack of Godzilla in his film, and now whining about the overabundance of Kong in his film.
So when Skull Island joins the party, and does not shy away from displaying the monstrous Kong in all his glory, it was a relief.
I liked the Apocalypse Now Vietnam approach, which played with the formula of these monster movies..... It tried something new, and I gotta give it props. Skull island despite on paper being pretty similar to Peter Jackson's, this had its own unique feel. 

I don't have much else to say, I just had a good time watching this. It absolutely has it flaws, like it's annoying tendency to obviously set up for a jump-scare. You could just tell when a monster would appear just by the sudden loss of music and silenced sound effects. C'mon, it's a scare, don't loudly broadcast it.

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