Encanto ★★★★

The most enjoyable music in a Disney/Pixar film…. Ever? For me? Anyway, I watched this with my family, and I could tell they were a bit hesitant with the NON white central characters in a Disney movie, the lack of a central villain & low stakes…. But I found that a breath of fresh air. Sure it has its Disney magic mcguffin, but the core pathos of the film is rooted in family/generational trauma, and I really appreciated that depth. I’ve never really gotten sucked into the music of Disney/Pixar films, even fan favorites like Moana or Frozen, but here the music is so snappy and catchy that it really caught my ear. I found myself downloading the soundtrack and listening to songs days later, and I have to credit this Disney movie for being the first to do that! I cried at the end; the resolution and conclusion was believable and wasn’t forced. Oh- and I LOVE the idea of a character who is able to see the future, and as he tells people their future, he is then blamed for said thing happening, as if he destined it to be. The funniest/most ironic case of shooting the messenger.
So overall this a hearty recommend from me. I hope to see more like this in the future from Disney. (And obviously keep Lin Manuel Miranda attached to anything music related from here on out)

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