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This review may contain spoilers.

Lock Your Doors!
Bolt Your Windows
and turn off the lights!

It's tradition every year I watch all of the Halloween films accept H3 (which is a separate story and has nothing to do with Michael Myers).

Before watching the feature film, I always watch the special tv footage first. I wished they would add it in as part of the film as a separate option to select to view or on another disc.
With all the lights turned off with the occasional candles lit.

I love trees. When the gals are walking home after school in the neighborhood I'm looking at the trees. All that greenage is so pretty.

Love Annie's short, curly hair.

*The best kill: Bob's
- When Michael stabs Bob in the belly while holding him off the ground. After the kill Michael is impressed or he even thinks that its his best kill while staring back and tilting his head to the side.

Laurie, "What's the Boogeyman?"



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