The Northman

The Northman ★★★★★

alas like most curses of violence and vengeance from beyond the grave of a parent, it consumes the remaining child in a bonfire of imagistic clamor and scorched earth, a reckoning of otherworldly forces amidst the tactility of very real blood and entrails, etching eternal malice on the hearts and souls of all involved.

haunted by the death of a beloved father, moved to a revenge beyond the pale curtain of any morality, prepared to commit any obscenity, any degradation, any act of horror itself to exact righteous reprisals on those wrongdoers who placed themselves outside the circle of right and wrong. who wouldn’t go to the ends of the earth to offer redress to those who undid our creators, our anchors in the manifest and the real? how could you wrong someone who wrenched your fundament away from you? what could be unforgivable about someone who removed not just an aspect but a component of what gave you life? 

blood, guts, fire. serenity, agony, memory. prophesy for bloodshed. hexes laid on sharp metal. blind soothsayers crying into obsidian nights that veils crawl down over the lives of so many. the mortal coil unwinds like so many disemboweled intestines. frenzy, berserker and pure. the distillation of violence into purity. insides on the outside. the spirit world embedded in the removed blackened hearts of enemies.

retribution comes from the latinate retributionem; to repay, to recompense. it also means assignment, or allotment. that is this species of dismal rage, of gory satisfaction, of endless punishment and fury — an assignment. inked in the blood of fathers, etched on skin in the runes of dying gods. 


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