hello, I’m Daniel. voted “most profane fuck on letterboxd” three years running. 

I don’t sleep much, so I watch movies.

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  • Johnny Corncob

    Johnny Corncob


    lemme just...hold on a second no no I got this...just let me...alright okay. now the lights. 


    no? no? after all this presentation

    this shit’s so fucking old school it practically comes with a Schooly D drum riff. wiggly wobbly folklore melting madness. inventive, lively, dated as fuck.

  • The Killing of Satan

    The Killing of Satan


    not a lot of homicide attempts on our friendly local Infernal Adversary but I have to say whoever made this hated snakes. there’s so much snake punching in this. you’d think Andy Sidaris or the depraved people behind Python (one or two, who gives a fucking shit) made this. there’s some pretty magical “special” “effects” going on this and a lot of incoherent scenes where nothing much happens then boom, stare-down exploding tits. it’s a lot like one of them…

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  • The Rise of Jordan Peterson

    The Rise of Jordan Peterson


    I, too, had never taken a basic sociology class and was thusly blown away by the impossible brain power of Jordan Peterson, a man so intellectually formidable that a Slovenian trash panda with a persistent cold obliterated him harder than an amateur nineteen year old on pornhub’s black cock friday.

  • The White Sun of the Desert

    The White Sun of the Desert


    the fantasy of Westworld is predicated upon the mythologized, oleaginous view people have of a “Wild” West — something to manifest your destiny at. something to not just be conquered but tamed. the frontier of a new and savage world, that only responds to the brute force and violent cunning of stronger, smarter predators. it’s an alluring fantasy; to imagine yourself at the apex, merely than another cog. 

    american westerns tended to be more straightforward stories; our noble square-jawed hero…