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  • 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • Ikiru
  • Mädchen in Uniform
  • Thief

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  • Out of the Fog


  • Trick Baby


  • Sleepaway Camp


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  • The Raggedy Rawney

    The Raggedy Rawney


    Soldier Courage and Her Unlikely Bedfellows travel an otherworldly Bohemia in search of inner havens. Long arms of war and misfortune claw at them from afar; many a Pangloss shatters and withers in turn. "Rawney" Tom is their gift, giving and taking at the whim of his fears, and reality turns his disappearing act into a parable on cowardice inflicted. If there truly is a best of all worlds, then only the young and the lucky will find it. Hoskins turns to face the ruined garden, his gun to its sackers and his back to the dim future.

  • A Man There Was

    A Man There Was


    The Old Man and the Sjöström.

    A barrow of reeds and branches frames the English jolly-boat on patrol until it falls victim to its creator, a cunning pilot now on-stage. We meet him first buried under grief and plight, then in the middle of his career at risk; only at the end is he found at rest. Muted monochromes of the land duel with warmer windy shots for control, whether following Terje Vigen or the demise of the bourgeois at…

Popular reviews

  • Seven Samurai

    Seven Samurai


    There are too many ways to review a great movie like this. So I'm going to start at the stop and end at this flick's beginning. Does that sound okay?

    To be honest, Seven Samurai's ending speaks more thematically than the rest of the film. Every important plot event happens prior to Kambei, Shichiroji, and the pupil Katsushiro staring at the distant harvest before them—but this solemn finale takes the formal precedents established in earlier parts of the movie and…

  • The Alphabet

    The Alphabet


    A is for audio that sinks in like syrup battered thin, a common element of Lynch's works that gets its start here.

    B is for bed, the common symbol of homeliness that becomes hell for the girl having her nightmare, with nowhere to escape to.

    C is for crazy, since that's what the poor dear must be if she's envisioning visions of collage cut-outs mingling in the midst of children's cries.

    D is for delirious, a given in most Lynch…