The 2021 adaption Cinderella is based on the classic fairy tale we all know and love, the story of a woman who is raised under an evil step mother and sisters until one day a fairy would make her wish come true and fall in love with the prince at the ball. This film retcons the entire name by pulling a Burton's Wonderland/Underland and now saying its Ella and "Cinderella" was a nickname given by her sisters....and this is just the very beginning.

This film is a jukebox musical and it really lives up to the jukebox part because these songs feel like a stretch to fit and don't coordinate with eachother with Let's Get Loud, Seven Nation Army, and Somebody to Love in which is the worst cover performed with the bad singing from the guards are downright hilarious to Nicholas Galitzine's meh vocals. The singing can be very off like Idina Menzel as the stepmother has a singing voice and speaking voice that are as different as night and day and feels completely off of the character.

The story itself is trying to modernize the tale with a more progressive vibe but it flops as it present itself in the most generic way. There's a character who wants to rule the land and the joke is she has these ideas such as fixing Climate Change that gets rejected because "haha funny modern political jokes are always timeless". The film in general screams "#GirlBoss" vibes where it tries so hard to be progressive but can't stick the landing at all leaving it moreso embarassing.

The supporting is not good at all with Pierce Brosnan as the king feeling very wooden with his role and his singing is pretty bad as well. James Corden is not funny having piss jokes and a horrific CGI transformation since CATS leaving his presence as annoying as his promo for this movie by airhumping cars and singing beyonce in a rat costume. Billy Porter as Fabulous Godmother is the only one I can feel is trying the best to make this role work but instead comes off as chewing the scenery (No wonder why there's no Pumpkin because it would've been chewed off).

The best way to summarize this movie is Doc Brown as the Town Crier scenes, there's a marching band with rap that doesn't fit in this world and it just happens and feels pointless. The Costumes in general are weak feeling like discount Renaissance Fair Wardrobes. The dialogue in itself is very awkward, the editing is rushed at times, and overall while in some places its "so bad its good" funny, Cinderella leaves a bland taste in your mouth that in a year of In The Heights, Dear Evan Hansen, West Side Story, etc, will be the black sheep of musicals that came out this year.

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