The Kid

The Kid ★★★★

Film #1 of Project 20

”A film of small smiles... and perhaps a tear."

The Kid is so beautiful, fresh, goodhearted, comically rich and emotionally striking that it’s hard to believe it’s 93 years old. Charlie Chaplin designs a very simple yet incredibly joyous film about love, emotional attachments and small glories of life which never stops amusing its viewers, the child actor, Jackie Coogan – who later became involved in a lawsuit trying to retain his earnings from his parents which resulted in Coogan Act or Child Actor’s Bill – gives an unbelievably fascinating performance and it’s fair to say that sometimes he even steals the show from Chaplin himself. The score is written by Chaplin himself, it is utterly beautiful and passionate and covers a vast range of emotions and adds to the joy and fun of the film. The primitive special effects are also great and Chaplin’s move between reality and dream in the final part of the film looks so modern and astonishing. The only thing that I didn't like about the film was its a little bit too sentimental ending but apart from that minor issue The Kid was a memorable and exuberant experience, if you doubt the power of Chaplin just look at the scene where he and his “Kid” are having breakfast together. That will be enough.

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