Bros ★★★

It’s a romcom so there’s some expected cheesiness and lack of depth— keeping that in mind, I thought it was cute! Had some good laughs, had good pacing, followed generic conventions well while providing a few (queer) twists.

I thought it could have been a lot funnier. I was only ever smiling or lightly chuckling, never laughing. It also didn’t have as much sex as advertised?

I also really did feel like Billy Eichner and his character were a problem. There was a solipsistic obsession with Billy/Bobby throughout that was incredibly distracting. It was like he was the only one who actually existed in the film; everything was centered around his feelings, growth, and experiences. And despite a major theme in the movie being about Bobby’s mission to educate people about real queer history, his character only seemed interested in memes and celebrities that are part of (mostly white) gay man culture.

Without going into the identity politics of advertising a queer romcom that only explores the love life of a white, conventionally attractive, gay cis dude, it was hard to root for his character because I didn’t find Billy/Bobby likable. I’m a white gay cis dude and I like seeing “myself” in movies too, but this one didn’t pull me in enough to warrant praise.

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