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  • Knock at the Cabin

    Knock at the Cabin


    Your classic tight, taut thriller is absolutely elevated by M. Night himself who once again proves why, when he’s working in this mode, is one of the best image makers going around still. The way close ups and empty space are both frequently used in this shows a director who is completely in his bag in tandem with a DP like Balsche who’s already proven he can execute uneasy claustrophobia superbly. In true Night fashion, you’ve got your classic thematic…

  • Babylon



    Hollywood will chew you up and spit you out. You’re merely a speck and a cog in the machine of cinematic evolution. We’ll never know the struggle, the nasty underbelly… only the magic. You may be reduced to a tiny newspaper article at best, but hey, at least you’ll be on film forever. Babylon: A Ghost Story.

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  • Rocky IV

    Rocky IV


    Rocky ascends to the apex mountain of great blokes by using his inherent niceness to end a decades-long war—this is the work of a true #AmericanPatriot! I love how this series evolved from containing serious, low-key class-conscious drama to being a live-action cartoon series where Rocky goes to the woods to train and grows a sick beard in the process.

  • Rocky III

    Rocky III


    Rocky and Creed are my favourite enemies to lovers—these two alpha males have definitely given each other a peck. I somehow could’ve taken even more slo-mo shots of my boys running on the beach. Not nearly as realism-focused and grounded as your first two but I don’t care when you have MONTAGES of guys being dudes. Clubber Lang is one of the all-time great haters.

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  • Spider-Man: No Way Home

    Spider-Man: No Way Home


    Just over the moon… that we got a hint of that sweet Electro theme!

    Contains some legitimately great Spider-Man moments in a film that feels like it’s built around scene and character-based concepts rather than being a tightly coalesced whole. Thankfully the annoying Disney Channel tone of Far from Home is mostly gone and Holland can give a performance that actually has a bit of weight at points. Still, this feels like fanfic where some of the fanfic is fun,…

  • Eternals



    The Tree of Life for people who watch four movies a year.

    Get ready and prepare your whole body for a slow and painful death via mind-pulverising exposition. Can't believe how one of the most tender and humanist filmmakers on the planet can make something this muddled, meandering and platitudinous (except I kinda can because the mighty mouse house doesn't discriminate). No number of flat golden hour shots can save what could be the worst paced blockbuster of the last…