Definitive Ranking: Terrence Malick

1) KoC, far and away the best fpiece of art ever constructed imo...

2-4) Pretty much perfect films, all of which are usually in my top 20ish of all time... TToL is usually #2, but there's been times when either StS or DoH briefly jumped it. Those two trade places with pretty much every viewing...

5-6) Masterpieces in my top 50ish of all time. They switch places as often as StS and DoH

7) Easy 5/5, in my top 100 of all time, I just prefer his less structures works.

8-9) 8/10ish films that I love, but are deeply flawed in multiple ways, especially comparatively speaking... TtW feels like a dry run for KoC and StS in which he's trying to nail down the dream like pacing, and it's great, but his lack of confidence is noticable... VoT is freaking gorgeous to look at, but the philosophy 101 narration can be cringe-worthy at times... These two also frequently trade places...

  • Knight of Cups


  • The Tree of Life


  • Song to Song


  • Days of Heaven


  • The New World


  • The Thin Red Line


  • Badlands


  • To the Wonder


  • Voyage of Time: Life's Journey