The Northman

The Northman ★★★★

Score: 84%

A truly awesome experience. This is my first Robert Eggers experience, and his directorial style really wowed me. The camera movements are vibrant and creative, and the staging of the action makes it all look absolutely amazing without losing any of the grittiness and violence of the scenes. Alexander Skarsgard gives a brilliantly physical performance and carries large parts of the film. The music is top notch aswell, making the film a real sensory experience, and that's on top of the really strong plot that develops its characters really well. I don't think its paced perfectly, but the payoff does ultimately make it mostly worth the wait, with the last ten or so minutes undoubtedly being the best parts of the film. Overall, it's a real shame this has flopped at the box office because it's a truly thrilling film, and I would definitely recommend.

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