The Godfather

The Godfather ★★★★★

Score: 98%

Loved seeing this in the cinema for the 50th anniversary for the first time (this is also my 700th film logged on Letterboxd so that's cool). I have very little to add to how amazing this is except for perhaps a hot take... Al Pacino is better than Marlon Brando in this. Brando is obviously the master, but Pacino has a weirdly fantastic energy about his performance, and he brings so much to every scene he's in. The fact that he didn't win an Oscar for this is mind boggling. The score is also beautifully creepy, and the sound design works really well aswell, particularly in the restaurant scene. The other thing I want to mention is how great the opening scenes with Vito are at setting up his character without telling us much about him. The atmosphere in those scenes is superb. The other other thing I have to mention is how well the film uses its violence. Given the relatively sparse use of blood, the violence is still really felt every single time. For all intents and purposes, this is a perfect film, and I'm delighted to be seeing the second one next week (and potentially the third the week after.)

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