Moonlight ★★★★½

Score: 90%

I had very high expectations going in, and most of them were met, as this was a fantastically crafted and deeply emotional film. Part of this stems from the superb direction from Barry Jenkins which completely immersed me in the film. Part of this is the score, which I thought was absolutely fantastic. The performances are on a whole other level. Mahershala was great, but Naomie Harris was the clear standout for me. She stole every scene she was in and commanded so much screen presence that it was hard to look away. The whole three part structure of the film worked really well for me and the storyline was incredibly emotional. It's definitely not a film for the faint of heart. My only complaint is that the film should have been longer just to fully flesh out everything that the film wanted to say. Other than that, it was fantastic, and I definitely need to see some more of A24's films in the future.

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