Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang ★★★★

Score: 84%

A thoroughly enjoyable film that develops its characters well and features strong comedy, an enjoyable mystery plot and strong performances from RDJ and Kilmer in particular. The production design and score really helped to add to the atmosphere, but it was the chemistry between the leads that really made me like the film. RDJ could just play himself and it would be entertaining, which is basically what he does here, but it was Val Kilmer who surprised me the most. I'd never seen him in anything of note before, but he brought a good amount of humour and provided a good contrast to RDJ's antics. Michelle Monaghan was also very entertaining, and the film was just very enjoyable to watch. I will say that the plot did get quite muddled towards the end, with a couple of somewhat boring extended explanations that didn't really add much to the film. But overall, this was a fun time that I would definitely recommend.

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