Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox ★★★★½

Score: 88%

I definitely think that I appreciate this more than I did on my first watch. At that point, this was my first Wes Anderson film, but now I've had time to completely fall in love with his style, this rewatch was all the more enjoyable. I actually think based off my first watch that 85 was maybe a bit high, or at least I was surprised looking back and seeing that I gave that rating out. Regardless, I love this film. One aspect that really stood out to me this time around was the soundtrack which I thought really captured the mood of the film. It was also funnier than I remembered, and is possibly Wes Anderson's funniest film? (maybe Grand Budapest Hotel, but still). The animation is obviously gorgeous, and the characters are all great, even if I would've liked to have seen more from some of them. Overall, it's a fantastic film, and strongly recommendable.

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