Blade Runner ★★★½

Score: 72%

Blade Runner, to me at least, is a perfect example of style over substance. The visuals are absolutely gorgeous throughout, and you feel fully immersed within the world created here. The villains are also superb; they're so charismatic in fact that I wanted them to win, but I'll talk about that later. I can appreciate the lack of action in the film and more focus on the world building, visuals and themes. The climax is also really enjoyable, and again I did appreciate the slower pace that allows us to take in the scenery further.

Usually I have a clear idea on whether I like or don't like each aspect of the film, but there is one aspect I'm not sure whether I like or not, and that is the score. On one hand, the use of synthesizers really helps you picture this modern world and immerses you in it further, and it's also completely different to most other orchestral scores. But on the other hand, orchestral scores are much better at building tension and keeping you on the edge of your seat. So the score was kind of mixed for me, so lets talk about the negatives.

The plot is almost non existent. There's one scene at the beginning where Deckard meets up with someone who tells him a bit about the Replicants he's trying to kill, but except for that one moment there is almost no plot. Now, as you'll see from my 2001 review later on today, I don't mind not focusing on plot as long as the visuals help the story move forward. This isn't what's done in Blade Runner, and instead the plot becomes wafer thin and more or less pointless to the rest of the film. Additionally, there is a scene where it is implied that Deckard rapes a replicant and tries to force her to fall in love with him. Now I don't mind rape being included within a film, but what I can't stand is when you're meant to root for the rapist at the end of the film - this is what I meant when I said I wanted Batty to win. Overall the film is still good, but it is definitely a disappointment in my eyes. If you like sci fi, this is a must see, otherwise it's up to you.

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