The Hand of God

The Hand of God ★★★½

THE LINK: Director Paolo Sorrentino directed this and YOUTH.

I heard/read a question a while back that was something along the lines of "Do you make art for horniness or revenge?", and with Paolo it seems to always be horniness. This being his semi-autobiographical origin story, it helps shed some light on why he has this unfillable want inside him: How there will never be enough money, beautiful women, or exotic locales to give him peace.

It also helps explain why he's generally fucked up, because his family clearly had some issues even before the more blatantly tragic stuff occurs. I think many people on this app can relate to growing up with cinema as an escape, and Sorrentino makes sure to reference the directors that not only influenced him, but became defacto parents through their work. (Fellini, Leone, and a semi-fictionalized, somewhat abrasive Antonio Capuano.)