Enter the Void

Enter the Void ★★★★½

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I dont know what to say but i have never felt so much emotion in one film. It was giving you hope in one hand and takes it back immediately and painfully. I cried for oskar and his vulnarability, his will of wanting to be alive without just existing, without being a machine; i cried for his pureness and for the love between him and his sister. I adored and envied their connection, how it was sometimes kind of sexual but so much connectable and angelic, without having anyone but each other. I hated how everything can be so unstable, can sometimes be magically perfect and sometimes awfully bad bad and evil. How can someone stand living while knowing what will happen to everyone they love, they knew. This film made me rotten, like there is no real hope and i dont think life has any sense of humour. Gaspar noe we understand ok, life is sucks

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