Scream ★★★★★

Scream is one of my favorite movies. I've seen it probably a dozen times, and originally I wasn't going to watch it, and instead use Hoop-tober as a good excuse to finally check out the sequels, but I had to go for the complete set.

This film came out in 1996, four years after I was born, and while, obviously, I didn't see it until much later, I would grow up with wave upon wave of self-aware teen horror movies or straight up spoofs, but Scream is and will always be the best. It does what so many satirical genre takes fail to do, skewering slasher movies while at the same time leaning into and subverting them. It's clear that Wes Craven has such a love for the genre he worked in for this entire career, that's the only way he and screenwriter Kevin Williamson could have created something packed with self-referential meta humor, and somehow, miraculously, not taking away from the great horror-mystery they've spun. So many horror-comedies are really just poorly made horror movies, or comedies with red corn syrup splattered everywhere, but Scream really, honestly, manages to do both.

The finale is so gleefully batshit that it still gets me. A great twist, subversion of explicitly laid out genre rules, black-as-night humor ("My parents are going to be so mad at me!" - or, actually, everything Matthew Lillard says or does), and GALE FUCKING WEATHERS.

Hooptober 2017 - 27/31

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