Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★★

Just a quick rundown. Low effort content, just like the film itself.


- Monster fights

- Brie Larson, the poor thing, who thinks she is in a much better movie that has something of value to say about imperialism and "man v nature" instead of just paying cheap lip service to those concepts.

- Tom Hiddleston's forearms (and also that nonsense scene with the gas mask and the samurai shit)

- The monster designs, allegedly inspired by Miyazaki's Princess Mononoke, my favorite movie ever. I see it. The part where Brie reaches for Kong and touches his nose is a neat homage.


- The soundtrack is like someone left their 70s Rock Pandora station on. It reminded me of Suicide Squad, but at least this movie keeps its overused soundtrack tonally consistent. Somebody tell the director that it's okay, sometimes even good, to have silence. Especially if you are trying to build tension! Every new scene starts with another montage and a CCR song.

- Samuel L Jackson plays Samuel L Jackson

- Actually none of the human characters are any good. They're better than the ones in Godzilla (2014) just by virtue of having a better cast but it's not like anyone really has a character arc to speak of. John C Reilly is supposed to be the emotional core of the film but ends up as basically just comic relief.

- Warner Bros can't even get one cinematic universe right, what makes them think they can do two? Please stop.

Honestly Kong: Skull Island isn't bad, but it is forgettable. And in a way, that's a greater sin for an action/adventure blockbuster than being bad is. At least if you find yourself nodding off you'll be awakened in no time by Black Sabbath's "Paranoid" to remind you again that this takes place in the 70s.

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