The Little Things

The Little Things ★★

I seem to recall hearing John Lee Hancock wanted to make this film for years. Can't say it was worth a wait, but whatever. In the hands of more visual or unique filmmakers The Little Things could land pretty well. Certainly has the acting talent there and some of the writing works. But there's a number of odd choices, questionable performance moments and lack of style that kills it's message.

Denzel can do this kinda thing in his sleep... and sort of proves that here. While also having a few near parody scenes between him and Leto and Malek. Malek comes off like a robot for about half and the other half he's just passable as the upstart detective. And finally Jared Leto as the mega red herring is annoying as shit. Plain and simple it was overdone and nukes a lot of suspense by just being so obvious and empty. This isn't as bland or boring as Hancock's prior streamer crime drama The Highwaymen. But pretty close.

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