From Dusk Till Dawn

From Dusk Till Dawn ★★★★★

A pure 90s exploitation masterpiece. A rougues gallery of villains (sans the kidnapped family) versus the strippers and bartenders of Dracula based outta Mexico. I miss this Clooney. Just pure, nasty hard ass. Loads of gloriously ridiculous monsters and vampire attacks. Excellent soundtrack and rivers of blood. But above all that it so confidently plays it straight for as long as it does until dropping the horror shoe in the bar -- perfect. Absolutely perfect. No nodding or foreshadowing. No letting you in on it to get you primed. Just switch fucking flipped.

I tried out the show when it started and just couldn't connect. Robbie Rod cast two pretty boys as the Gecko brothers which was a nah for me. The family wasn't as interesting. The best elements were Don Johnson in the Michael Parks role and of course the one to pop off from the show, the great Eiza Gonzalez taking over for the amazing Hayek. But nothing can touch how outlandish, energetic, dirty, mean and bloody this is. Bums me out that whenever we get something relatively close to this now it's often greatly sanitized and far more CGI filled. And to what greater good? Still can be fun, but it ain't this mean motorscooter.

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