The Batman

The Batman ★★★★½

It's almost Batman Beyond in its vibe, I was waiting for some gnarly guitar solos. But instead we got an epic, memorable score for a movie that can be described the exact same way.

I went in as blind as possible and I'm pretty impressed with the effort on screen. This exceeded my expectations and I was already pretty hyped because I rated the director's earlier film Let Me In 5 stars (after most ppl hated the fact it was remade at all) and I'm a huge Pattinson stan. This should definitely be seen on the big screen. I actually hate superhero movies normally but this was so refreshing to see Batman before Bruce Wayne. Let's just get right to it, then have 3 hours of badass murder mystery with several insane action pieces. I love emo Batman, it works so much better than Batfleck imo.

For the eventual comparisons - I would say this is surprisingly close to being on par with The Dark Knight. I do want to watch it a 2nd time and properly digest this all, but to me they made a memorable 'hero' flick and that seems hard to do as of late. TDK is operating at the highest scale, quality, budget, efficiency, you name it. It's extremely organized, clean, exhilarating and grand, but it is played a little safe. Nolan wanted us so grounded in reality that Gotham seemed like some random city like Philly or something lol in The Batman, Gotham is alive and packed. I was loving how much was shown of the city, how much more Batman had screentime as opposed to Bruce Wayne, the young hot-handed Bruce as opposed to the "I'm too old for this shit" Christian Bale in TDKR. Pleasantly surprised and super proud of my boy Robby P.


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