Nocturne ★★★½

I think Whiplash is possibly the greatest movie of all time, so I really really like the tense music movies. This would probably be pretty slow/dull for non-musicians but it would still be enjoyable. The story isn't anything new but it's done well enough and it's engaging from beginning to end (again, I'm a musician so even the practice scenes had me dialed in). I loved the girls and the ending made this just wild enough to stick with me for a while.

I wanted to know more about the book and just....why besides the obsession/sacrifice for greatness. But it had horror, drama, music, tension, neon, prophecies lol this is my kind of shit even if it feels like a streaming movie still. I think artists/creatives will dig this, but my roommates were not as into this since they didn't seem to relate as much.


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