I Told Sunset About You

I Told Sunset About You ★★★★

For me, this was a riveting academic drama more than a Boys’ Love/coming-of-age mini-series. Have never been this invested in a character taking an exam since Bad Genius!!

Took me some time to finish this because I am averse to overly dramatic plots when it’s obvious that the leads should just talk to each other about their feelings. But hey, I sometimes forget that they are jusy teens just coming out of their shells — or closets, hehe. 

ITSAY, as gay twitter abbreviates it, actually had a lot more going than the passable BLs that come and go on YouTube. While most BLs feel episodic, ITSAY feels and looks like a seven-hour film: immaculately shot, characters are well-realized, and digs deep into the complications of queer love — or longing, in ITSAY’s case — something that a lot of BLs skirt around a lot, forgetting that there’s still a huge stigma attached to LGBTQ relationships. I loved Bas’ proclamation, Oh-aew’s confusion, and Teh’s reluctance to give in to the pains and pleasure of his sexuality. 

A lot of people looove the underwater kiss but it wasn’t just a fancy way for our lovers to “consume” their feelings while hiding from everyone else: it was also a turning point for Teh and Oh-aew’s sexual identities. It literally wasn’t just a kiss. The way Teh grabs Oh’s chest, and the lingering confusion that it left on Teh right after (not to mention a brief discussion about the issue of the queer body) — they’re all welcome explorations of a gay coming of age that we rarely see in BLs. 

I’ve whined about this show to my friends but the truth is that there is so much to uncover about ITSAY. The fact that it is one of the most good looking mini-series I’ve seen this year only makes it more re-watchable.

PS. i also loved the way the physicality of longing is choreographed in ITSAY, like Teh and Oh-aew are performing a little dance when they want to touch or hold the other. It’s awkward but also comes from a deep place in themselves, because they know that once they cross, the line, there is no turning back. Well, I guess mostly just Oh since Teh just acts oblivious and stupid.