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  • Bride of Chucky

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  • Saw X


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  • Saw X

    Saw X


    "Saw X wipes away the mucky complication of a franchise constantly befuddling its audiences to deliver an engaging assessment of John Kramer the man, the massacre pusher, and the messiah. It's putting story first and dismemberment charms second, which the franchise needs after becoming what plays like a gruesome Halloween Horror Nights maze. It's maybe too streamlined for its lengthier duration — we know where Saw X is going, yet it takes the scenic route — but at the end of the day, fulfills the fleshy requirements of a Saw entry."

    Full Review: www.inverse.com/entertainment/saw-x-review

  • Wake Up

    Wake Up


    It's a sweet little treat for action-horror fans that hurts so good, as long as you're in the mood for visually traumatic, hopeless vibes.

    Full Review: www.slashfilm.com/1403635/wake-up-review/

Popular reviews

  • Slotherhouse



    Slotherhouse is what so many noticeably forced B-movies and wannabe cult classics aspire to be. Equal parts sorority comedy and wildlife slasher, Goodhue amplifies party horror vibes finely tuned toward weekend watches with your trashy-movie-club friends. Kill sequences beg for a smidge more gore, and the characters are a touch stereotypical, but a star is born in Alpha.

    Full Review: www.ign.com/articles/slotherhouse-review

  • Prey



    "Dan Trachtenberg’s Predator prequel Prey succeeds by daring to embrace what prior sequels did not: Simplicity.

    The basics of Predator cinema boil down to skull trophies and rival combat, but most of all, the thrill of an uninterrupted hunt. With brutal ease, writer Patrick Aison translates Predator codes to hunter-gatherer dichotomies in Native American cultures.

    There’s nothing scarier than the laws of natural hierarchies on display in their most elemental forms, and that’s what Prey recognizes with menacing regard. There’s…